Sunday Service Shakedown

Got to be a part of the 99 percent’s,┬áSunday Service Shakedown. This race consisted of 10 of the closest matched...

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DaddyDave Vs TheCreamMachine

DaddyDave and The CreamMachine had a grudge race for $150.

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The New MurderNova testing on No Prep

With only a few passes under his belt, Shawn takes the New MurderNova to Outlaw Armageddons No Prep Testing session....

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The New MurderNova

We’ve seen plenty of pictures, and numerous mentions of the NEW MurderNova… The old one is no stranger, one of...

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Okc Street Shakedown 2017

We go back to the Streets of The 405 with a small tire street race…The OKC Street Shakedown. Where 16...

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The HoneyBadger Nova vs The boogeyman

It’s already all over the place but if you haven’t seen it, here’s my version of the Boogeyman crash. Never...

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murdernova vs dominator 2012

Murder nova vs Dominator 2012 This throwback we take you to the Streets of the 405 where Dominator challenged Murder...

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TBT The OKC Farmtruck 2009

Okc Farmtruck 2009 This Throwback Thursday we take you to 2009 check out some of the moves this old Farmtruck...

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HP Racings Helleanor

Corey and the guys at Hp have always impressed me with this car, I remember way back when it had...

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